What is tinshake?



tinshake can form unique Groups among your friends, teammates, family and colleagues to fundraise for any goal, activity or cause of a common interest.


Within tinshake Groups, you can identify and create Campaigns to fundraise towards a common goal. This Goal can be anything from a weekly friend’s dinner, a family vacation, a workplace Christmas party or even a sports team’s end of season trip.


tinshake is going to bring a truly unique social media experience where you will be able to see the fundraising activities of high profile Groups and the interactions between themselves and other tinshake Groups. Let’s delve into the inner sanctum of your favourite high profile Groups such as sporting teams, bands or movie sets.


The tinshake community will allow you to discover local Campaigns to support and interact with, while also being able to interact directly and donate to tinshake Partner Charities. Help out with anything from Cancer research to a mate recently made redundant.

Charity Contribution

tinshake will partner with a number of Australia’s leading registered charitable organisations. A Group can contribute all, some or none of a Campaign’s fund to a tinshake Charity Partner - tinshake will provide a platform to link charity to Social Media.

Platform for Registered Charities

When partnering with tinshake, registered charities can use tinshake as a platform to raise funds for important causes. Groups will donate where individuals may not in their own right. The tinshake activity based fundraising framework will create a new generation of online donors for charities to benefit. If you are a registered Charity and interested in becoming a tinshake Charity Partner, please register your interest here



Organising a sports team is tough enough, yet alone raising money for an end of season function or bus trip. tinshake provides a set of activities contained in Campaigns that makes raising funds interactive and fun. All sports teams can use tinshake from amateur to professional, team sports to individual sports, or even a once off golf game between mates. Who would have thought raising money would be about the experience not necessarily the end result. Having the option to share the journey amongst the tinshake community adds excitement!


There is always one person who runs the workplace social club, the job no one really wants. Raising funds includes multiple spreadsheets, emails phone calls… no more! Using tinshake simplifies and automates the bringing together of groups and how they collaborate towards a Group goal. Use tinshake for the office swear jar, use tinshake to raise money for a local charity or to put a fund together for an unwell colleague.


Use tinshake with your family to fund a Christmas holiday, use tinshake to organise and fund a bucks/hens party, use tinshake with your friends to run a monthly dinner catch up... The possibilities are endless. All the while having fun! tinshake takes the chore out of raising money - no more having to chase up that tight friend after ‘forgetting his wallet,’’ the group will know anyway!


When your registered Charity signs up to tinshake’s Charity Partner Program, tinshake Groups can move funds from their Campaigns to the desired tinshake charity partner. Individual tinshake users can also donate outside their own Campaigns directly. As a tinshake Charity Partner, your Charity becomes visible to the entire tinshake global community providing a cost effective platform to promote your causes.

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